The Best Mettler Toledo Analytical Balance for Your Laboratory

mettler toledo analytical balance

Mettler Toledo analytical balances meet ISO standards; thus, you don’t have to worry about the quality of your equipment. Every laboratory requires the necessary equipment to conduct different applications. If you want to get precise measurements of mass, you should consider getting Mettler Toledo’s analytical balance.

Analytical balances are sophisticated in their design and provide various weighing functions. You can even convert the equipment into different units easily. Its sophistication makes an analytical balance price to be high. You should, therefore, determine your specific needs as you compare different analytical balances to choose the best one for your lab.

Thankfully, everything you should know regarding the equipment is at your disposal. We will discuss its purpose, how it works, and tell you why you need to get it from Mettler Toledo. Read on!

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What is an analytical balance used for?

Analytical balance equipment is a sensitive instrument that lab technicians use to measure mass accurately. Its readability ranges between 0.1- 0.01 mg. Due to its sensitivity, it comes with a draft shield that prevents air currents from affecting the measurement of small samples.

Technicians use Mettler Toledo analytical balance to detect fine increments. Any minimal breeze from the outside or vibration can affect the results. You should, therefore, ensure that you use the instrument in a room that has minimal disturbances.

The precision weighing scale is used in different sectors, such as medical application, veterinary, and educational use. If you have a lab, you can use analytical balances for pipette calibration, interval weighing, and differential weighing as well as density determination. The equipment also measures the mass of hazardous elements and chemicals accurately. Pharmaceutical companies also make use of analytical balances to weigh medicines before prescribing them to patients.

Educational facilities such as universities utilize analytical balances during scientific experiments to measure chemical compounds while vets use the device to determine the weigh measurements of different animals.


How does analytical balance work?

One cannot conduct quantitative chemical analysis without any balances. Regardless of the method you use, you will need to weigh a sample for you to analyze it accurately. Mettler Toledo analytical balance makes use of an electromagnet for it to give accurate measurements of a sample. The instrument measures small masses about 320g. Since the piece of equipment is quite sensitive, you have to treat it with the care it deserves. They need a transparent enclosure to prevent any dust from building up in them.

Like any other balance, an analytical balance does not measure mass directly. It measures the force which acts on the balance pan. For it to work, an electromagnetic servomotor has to generate a force that counters the weight of the mass you are trying to measure. The weight is proportional to the electrical current that is needed to create the power. Appropriate calibration makes it easy for Mettler Toledo analytical balance to calculate the mass of a sample. The equipment then displays the mass on the screen.

One of the key features that most of the analytical balances have is the null detector. The feature uses a detector and light source to signal a balance between the electromagnetic forces and weight. You should give the analytical balance some time after turning it off and on so that the electromagnetic field can stabilize.

Certain factors can affect how an analytical balance works. For instance, gravitational acceleration and temperature changes in a laboratory are significant factors. The analytical balance may take some time to equilibrate with the temperature in a lab. Apart from that, the temperature of the object can create convection currents in the surrounding. It can lead to a difference in the mass measurements. Try not to place very hot or cold objects on the device.

Some of the objects also tend to absorb moisture leading to weight gain. The rapid movement of air in a lab can cause changes in the mass measurement. Try to minimize airflow in the lab to solve such issues. You should also avoid placing a magnet or magnetic material next to the analytical balance. You should use anti-vibration equipment alongside the device since external vibration can lead to inaccurate readings. Consider placing an analytical balance on an anti-vibration table.

Why choose Mettler Toledo analytical balance?


Even though you can get analytical balances from different sources, Mettler Toledo is one of the best sources you should consider. It offers user-friendly and robust analytical balances to help you get accurate measurements every time. You can rely on the analytical results that you collect from balances from Mettler Toledo. The company is keen on helping you enjoy an excellent performance from such equipment.

It offers analytical balances that have a range of readability from 0.005 mg-0.1 mg. The balances from Mettler Toledo also have different capacities to help you conduct quantitative chemical analysis with ease. Mettler Toledo gives you the chance to choose from the diverse forms of analytical balances depending on your specific needs. It offers both standard and advanced level analytical balances.

Mettler Toledo analytical balance also comes with features that enhance the accuracy of mass measurements. When choosing analytical balances, you should not only focus on the features present but also portability and applications it can perform. Mettler Toledo makes your work easier by outlining different analytical balances according to the features available and functionality.

The analytical balances from the company come with SmartGrid weighing pan, which minimizes air turbulence, thus leading to faster weighing results. They also come with a draft shield that you can disassemble when you need to clean to prevent the accumulation of dust that affects measurements. Dishwasher-safe panels also form part of the features of analytical balances from the company. 

You can learn so much about every model from the official website. The company also offers additional information regarding the impact of static electricity on such balances and how to calibrate them. Even though the general analytical balance price is not very attractive, the company tries to set better and more competitive prices compared to other distributors. You can check the collection of low and mid-priced Mettler Toledo analytical balances if you are on a budget. It also has modern balances that come with built-in calibration.

Apart from the equipment, Mettler Toledo also offers a wide range of accessories that should accompany analytical balances. For instance, you can get printers, dosing modules, ErgoClips, anti-static solutions, and density kits from Mettler Toledo. It, therefore, prevents you from wasting more time trying to figure out where you can get the right accessories for the equipment.

Buying different lab equipment in bulk can help you save some funds that you can invest elsewhere. The accessories available from Mettler Toledo also help you personalize your analytical balances according to the specific needs you are trying to meet. Feel free to request a quote from the company. You can view the analytical balance prices and accessory costs more conveniently. The company can also help you service your lab equipment from time to time to boost its durability.

The Best Mettler toledo analytical balance for Laboratory

1. Mettler Toledo XS204


The Mettler Toledo XS204 Analytical Balance features 220g capacity with a readability of 0.1mg. The XS analytical line, with its innovative accessories, sets new standards for fast and efficient weighing processes. With Smartgrid weighing pan stabilization, times are dramatically reduced. The touchscreen is bright and clear to read. The special draft shield can be operated with either left or right hand, reducing awkward dosing processes.

Model: XS204
Pan Size:78mm x 73mm


  • 220g x 0.1mg readability
  • FACT internal adjustment with advanced features
  • Large Clear Touchscreen display with configurable adjustments
  • SmartGrid weighing pan
  • Dismantlable weighing chamber for easy cleaning

2. Mettler Toledo ag204


The Mettler Toledo AG204 Analytical Balance has an unparalleled weighing performance and easy to use digital display and control. The AG204 is extremely user-friendly thanks to its motorized internal calibration with a standard weight and external calibration with a 40g, 100g, or 200g weight. The operating menu includes adaptation to weight conditions, a calibration function, the weighing process adapter, auto-zero correction, etc. The Mettler Toledo AG204 also features overload protection, programmable buttons, RS232 and USB ports, and measuring the ability for 16 different units and tares. Readability of 0.1 mg with repeatability of 0.1 mg and linearity of ±0.2 mg.


  • Readability: 0.1mg
  • Maximum capacity: 210g
  • Minimum capacity: 10mg
  • Repeatability: 0.1mg
  • Linearity: ±0.2mg
  • Stabilization time: 3 sec
  • Weighing pan diameter: 85mm
  • Effective height above pan: 240mm
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 205 x 330 x 310mm
  • Weight: 4.9kg

3. Mettler Toledo ms204ts


The Mettler Toledo MS204TS analytical balance has a capacity of 220 grams with a readability of 0.1 milligrams and a pan size of 3.54 inches (90 mm) diameter. The MS-TS (touch screen) series of analytical balances brings Mettler-Toledo’s impressive MS line to a whole new level. The TS versions feature a huge optimized TFT color touch screen display that is operable even through lab gloves.

Standard with the MS line, the TS versions have Mettler-Toledo’s renowned high-performance MonoBloc weighing cell with ProFACT automatic internal adjustment. All balances in this line have rigid die-cast aluminum housings, which improve balance life and stability. The touchscreen interface also has a MinWeigh function, which keeps the weight reading red until it reaches the pre-programmed minimum weight value and a handy built-in leveling function that guides the user in leveling the balance.


Model: MS204TS
Pan Size:90mm


  • 220g x 0.1mg Readability
  • Extra-large 7 inch Touch Screen with 18mm Digits
  • Full Metal Body of Long Life

4. Mettler Toledo ax205


The Mettler Toledo AX205 is a reliable and relatively inexpensive option for an analytical. Mettler-Toledo AX205 Analytical SemiMicro Balance with professional Fully Automatic Calibration Technology (proFACT) and motorized (or manual) movement of glass doors.

At any time, proFACT detects automatically when the balance exceeds the permitted tolerance range and calibrate the balance utilizing two internal weights. Except for usual internal calibration, the proFACT fulfills linearity self-calibration. In addition to the proFACT, the balance has menu operated calibrations: motorized internal calibration with linearization by the built-in weights and external calibration by user-defined weight.

The balance features convenient Touch-Screen and Hands-Off operation. By the Hands-Off feature opening and closing the glass draft shield or zeroing the balance can be done without touching any buttons.

The balance operating menu allows to adapt of the balance to weighing conditions, select calibration function, auto-zero correction, primary and info weighing units, language, and interface output parameters. The balance draft shield consists of 3 glass doors: top door left side door and right-side door. Each side door can be engaged with the top door to move together, or each door can be moved separately.

There is a one-touch button or hands-off or auto motorized movement of the doors, or they can be moved manually.  The hands-off movement of the glass doors is provided by the “SmartSens” sensors located at the right and left sides of the terminal.

The balance can be used in 3 languages: English, Spanish, and French.

Mettler AX205 AX-205 Analytical Semi Micro Balance Delta Range

  • Capacity- 220g
  • Weighing Range- 81.00000g/220.0000g
  • Readability- 0.01mg/0.1mg
  • Repeatability in Full Load- 0.04mg
  • In Range 0-60- 0.015mg
  • Linearity on entire range-+-0.15mg
  • Within 10g-0.03mg
  • Stabilization Time- Typically 2-5Sec in Fine Range 8-12s Full range tare
  • 12 selectable Weighing units- g,mg,oz,ct,dwt,GN, etc..
  • Features Piece counting, percent, and dynamic weighing with statistics and density determination.
  • RS232 Data Communication.

Balance dimensions (W x L x H), mm: 241 x 505 x 293. Effective height above the pan: 240mm. Weighing pan sizes: 80 x 80 mm. Balance weight: 9.7 kg. The balance comes with a power supply, 115v.

5. Mettler Toledo xs205du


Excellence XS Analytical Balances sets new standards in weighing performance. SmartGrid, the revolutionary grid weighing pan, successfully minimizes the effects of turbulence in the weighing chamber. Results are more accurate, and stabilization times dramatically shorter. ErgoClips, the brilliant accessories for the grid weighing pan, allow secure placement of all tare vessels – for maximum weighing efficiency.

The Mettler Toledo XS205DU Analytical Balance features 220g capacity with a readability of 0.01mg to 81g, then 0.1mg to 220g The XS analytical line, with its innovative accessories, sets new standards for fast and efficient weighing processes. With Smartgrid weighing pan stabilization, times are dramatically reduced. The touchscreen is bright and clear to read. The special draft shield can be operated with either left or right hand, reducing awkward dosing processes.


Model: XS205DU
Pan Size:78mm x 73mm


– 81g/220g x 0.01mg/0.1mg
– FACT internal adjustment with advanced features
– Large Clear Touchscreen display with configurable adjustments
– SmartGrid weighing pan
– Dismantlable weighing chamber for easy cleaning

6. Mettler Toledo MX5


The METTLER TOLEDO MX is an innovative microbalance, which sets new world standards for weighing performance, user-friendliness, and quality standards. The AX has the highest resolution of any analytical balance in existence: an unmatched 50 million digits. A brilliant touch screen display, intelligent user guidance, and hands-free infrared draft shield control make this highly-precise balance faster, easier, and more fun to use than ever before.

Features and Benefits

  • World-leading weighing performance: Our microbalances have the highest resolution of any microbalance in existence: up to an unmatched 52 million resolution points.
  • Unmatched user-friendliness: The touchscreen display makes operation fast and easy. Up to eight personalized operator settings can be configured, saved, and retrieved.
  • Regulatory compliance: A set of built-in QM tools guarantees comprehensive data security and documentation.
    SmartSens: Place the sample on the weighing pan without touching the balance. Hands-off weighing is quicker and more convenient.

Capacities of 2100 mg or 5100 mg. Readability of 0.1 µg or 1.0 µg. Touch Screen Operation, Augmented by Hands-Free Sensors. Configurable Draft Shield with Automated Door.

7. Mettler Toledo XPE 205 ($9,999.00)

Mettler Toledo XPE205

The Mettler Toledo XPE 205 analytical balance has a capacity of 220g and a readability of 0.01mg. Section of this XPE series of Mettler’s Excellence lineup of balances, it sports all of the premium features you would come to expect from Mettler Toledo. Notable features include the newest static detecting and elimination technology and the standing light that gives immediate feedback about the error state of the balance.

Mettler Toledo XPE205 Analytical accounts offer the smallest minimal weight for a given ability from the Mettler Toledo Family. XPE Analytical balances comply with the most stringent requirements for analytical weighing in the lab. Static charges can hinder accurate weighing but use the XPE analytical StaticDetect; the user is advised whether any weighing error is beyond the user-defined limit. Another top quality management feature is the StatusLight, green means that the balance is prepared to weight, yellow is the warning, and errors are red.



  • Max Capacity: 220G
  • Readability: 0.01mg
  • Minimum Weight (USP), Typical: 14mg
  • Repeatability (Test Weight): 0.015mg (10g)
  • Adjustment: Internal / proFACT Advanced
  • Dimensions: 487mm X 322m X 263mm
  • Weighing Pan Dimensions: 73mm X 78mm
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If you wish to measure small samples with the highest precision, then Mettler Toledo analytical balances are crucial devices that you need at your lab. Get your precision balances from Mettler Toledo and enjoy affordable prices and high performing equipment. The company offers even after-sale support to its clients. Once you buy such scales, ensure you learn the proper usage and maintenance so that you can enjoy accurate weighing for longer.